7.1 Introduction

With research suggesting that over half of all clicks on mobile ads are mistaken Facebook wants to solve advertising's 'fat thumbs' problem and How Often Do Consumers Intentionally Click Mobile Ads?.

So why do you think Google, Amazon and Apple invented Home, echo and Siri … what makes consumers more willing to hear ads on their voice assistants?

The story of the first ever banner ad and why it worked so well.

Some of the problems with programmatic advertising … Brand safety looms large over YouTube’s Brandcast pitch to advertisers as further crisis emerges.
YouTube 'urgently' removing ads from inappropriate videos of kids as big brands freeze ad spend.

If PPC is a line item on your media plan, you're not very good at it is a very good article in itself – but an additional reason for me including it here is as an emphasis that PPC advertising is a specialist skill … it is not search engine or social media marketing.

Digital Ad Buyers Say Google Search, Facebook Deliver the Best ROI.

AMAZON ADVERTISING. I didn’t include this subject in the book – but I should have done … and because the e-commerce giant offers a mixture of network and search ads, perhaps it should have had a section of its own. Amazon’s ads can be limited to the Amazon site, appear as a result of searches on Amazon, or feature on other websites. Most of Amazon’s ads link to products sold on Amazon, but this is not essential – meaning that they compete directly against Google. For Amazon's own version of the service, see advertising on Amazon.
For a good basic introduction see How to benefit from Amazon ads and for a background on the growth of Amazon ads, see ... 23 years on, and ‘everything store’ Amazon emerges as the third force in digital advertising. See also:
How to get the most out of your purchase of ads on Amazon and Amazon says its advertising business is now worth $2.2bn. Worth $2.2bn to Amazon, that is - so when Amazon tell its sellers about the advantages of advertising their products on Amazon and why they should do it ... well, you finish the sentence.

The overall message in What Consumers Want in Advertising is not particularly good news for digital marketers, not least that when asked which advertising medium they prefer, 58% of respondents put TV on top, ... more than 4 times as many respondents as the next-most preferred type, online ads (13%).

What's the best advertising platform ... TV, Facebook or Youtube?.

The results shown in Five Charts: Why Users Are Fed Up With Digital Ads suggests that people are annoyed by the state of advertising.

I have included Ten retailers who got PPC right on Black Friday (and six who didn’t) in this section, but it could be considered an element of branding in that it has a focus on keeping the brand at the top of the search ads.

Ad saturation and over-targeting damaging people’s trust in brands.

How do you measure a good click-through rate (CTR) for PPC?

Bing Ads rebrands to Microsoft Advertising.


7.2 Programmatic advertising

On page 200 I offer a description of Google's advertising provision ... well now they've changed it all - Google is retiring the AdWords & DoubleClick brands in a major rebranding aimed at simplification.

It can't do any harm to have another view on the subject ... What is programmatic advertising? A beginner’s guide.

Although he takes a deliberately negative stance, Bob Hoffman's website makes interesting reading for anyone contemplating - or practicing - online advertising.

Targeting personalised ads to the right audience is a MUST read.

Ask the experts: What's the best way to target programmatic ads?

GO ONLINE *page 210* Rethinking John Wanamaker and for an excellent discussion piece on the same subject, read waste not grow not - including the comments at its end.

Although it is about email marketing, I've included A love letter to direct mail and its breakable rules here as it an example of someone who is a 'creative'. Don’t hold your breath waiting for artificial intelligence to be able to come up with ideas like those featured in the article’s?

Is P&G down on digital advertising or just plain rational? is an interesting commentary on digital advertising.

People Believe Ads Are Becoming More Intrusive.

Banner Blindness Revisited: Users Dodge Ads on Mobile and Desktop.

40% of Brits dislike all types of online ads, finds Ofcom media usage report.

Digital discontent actually addresses more issues than just programmatic advertising - but the subject is its focus.

AD FRAUD In the section on 'Problems with programmatic advertising' I mention click fraud. If you have any doubt that this is taking place, just search "Chinese click farms" on YouTube. Also work reading are:
How Much of the Internet Is Fake? shows that my description of how ad fraud works is rather naive.
Is the ad fraud problem really getting better? New research suggests not.
Ad Fraudsters Are Becoming More Sophisticated.
You’re being used to steal $50 billion in digital advertising.
There are only TWO forms of ad fraud.
Digital Ad Fraud 101 ..... in 2019.
Ad Fraud Statistics.

I've included Facebook Algorithms and Personal Data. here because it shows that some personal data on Facebook is wrong - and it is that data on which Facebook advertising is based.

In What Is “Surveillance Capitalism?” And How Did It Hijack the Internet? its author uses the term digital marketing where I refer to programmatic advertising in this chapter.

The High Cost Of Online Trash is an opinionated view of programmatic marketing - but still well worth reading.

How do you measure a good click-through rate (CTR) for PPC?


7.3 Objectives and management

GO ONLINE *page 212* What marketers must consider before bringing programmatic in-house.

Here’s a thought-provokingly good read – and so worthy of your time/effort. I have included in this chapter and also that on advertising as it is relevant to both. In fact, arguably, it is relevant to most of the book … The day after tomorrow: when ad blockers and GDPR kill all adtech and martech.

I've included not so much to broadcast the message, but to show that Google employ an army of representatives whose job it it is to sell advertising on Google. When you get into work in a digital role they will contact you touting for business. That said, they also offer excellent advice and training. The more you spend on Google's advertising networks the more you get from them.

Ignore the title of Fighting brand fatigue through A/B testing. - just read the article to learn more about managing ad camplaigns.

7.4 Online ad formats

7.5 Search advertising

GO ONLINE *page 222* Google's chief economist, Hal Varian explains – in basic terms – just how search ads rank and cost. The video is a little dated, but it will give you a sound grounding in what is going on.

Make sure you also read the comments at the end of Restoration Hardware bid on 3,200 keywords, found 98% of its PPC sales came from just 22 brand terms.

With AdWords ‘Days to Conversion’ segmentation advertisers can see how long it takes users to convert after clicking on an ad.

This list of the 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords dates back to 2017 - but I doubt they have changed much since then.

Phrase, broad, or broad match modifier: After exact, what’s the next best match type?

5 conversion boosters to optimize your PPC campaigns.

I've included To make every conversion count, count every conversion not as a tip or guide, but as an illustration of the help that Google gives to digital advertisers. Google wants your ads to be effective so that you spend more money with them, so it is in their interest to give this help.

I have included No search volume? No problem! 3 ways to improve low-traffic AdWords campaigns as it is a good story on how to improve SERP advertising. However, given how few searches are made for his example products, I have to wonder if the marketing budget might have been better spent offline.

How to Write Text Ads in AdWords for Ecommerce.

Although the title of Look Ma, no keywords! Phrase-free AdWords campaigns are here suggests the shape of things to come, the article also covers what is available for local search now.

In the book I touch on the subject of matching keywords with the intent of the searcher [e.g. 'flooded bathroom']. Intent-based keyword research: Let Google be your guide. addresses the issue by considering what can go wrong if searcher intent is ignored.

Note that let’s face it — clickbait works. Here’s how to use it to your advantage includes both SEO [terms used in the page's 'title' tag] and search advertising [the first line of the ad].

I didn't include Shopping ads and Shopping campaigns in the book, so read what Google has to say about them [note how they are different for Europe and the rest of the world]. That Shopping ads account for 60% of clicks on Google, 33% on Bing suggests that I should have included a section on them. Here are some tips ... Success with Google Shopping Ads, Part 1: Getting Started, Part 2: Merchant Center Basics and Part 3: Merchant Center Setup.

5 PPC mistakes you’re probably making in your campaigns.

5 Things Google Ads can now do automatically.

Responsive search ads are the new kids on an ever-changing block - Google’s somewhat-new guide to totally excellent ads offers advice on how to use them.

Avoid the 8 most common pitfalls of automated bidding.

Although Google's AI update lets small brands create search and display ads without an agency refers to 'brands' - I think you could read that as 'small organizations'. Note that as it applies to both, I have included this link in the search and network sections.

Don’t be confused by the title of Has AI changed the SEO industry for better or worse? … is about advertising.

Google keyword match type tournament: Place your bets on Exact.

Here's a series of guides on different aspect of advertising on SERPs from someone who seems to know what she is talking about ... Expert’s Guide to Optimizing Automated Rules in Google Ads, What Works & What Doesn’t When Automating Ad Copy & Keywords and The Pros & Cons of Every Automated Bidding Strategy in Google.

What makes people click on search ads?.

I do not specifically mention Google Shopping in the book, but it can be important if you are an online retailer.

10 Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Google Ads.

There are many articles that cover How Google Ads determines what you pay - but this one is good.


7.6 Network advertising

GO ONLINE *page 228* Ad men to math men

PRACTICAL INSIGHT *page 230* Re-targeting
Six big re-targeting mistakes marketers should avoid.

GO ONLINE *page 231*
Guide to Digital Display Advertising.
Understanding Programmatic Digital Advertising
How an Ad is Served with Real Time Bidding (RTB).

How to make the most of LinkedIn’s free Website Demographics

Pummeling users with Google remarketing ads they don’t want to see? Now they can mute those, too … was big news when it was announced, how’s it going now?

Top 10 Facebook Advertising Features You Should Be Using.

10 signs that programmatic advertising is reaching maturity.

The growing appeal of private marketplaces in Japan and beyond.

5 of the Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes - and How to Avoid Them.

Ignore the title ... 30 questions to ask that so-called PPC ‘expert’ before hiring him/her is a quick guide to PPC advertising.

YouTube’s new TrueView for Reach option makes bumper assets skippable.

I've included Google announces full rollout of Exchange Bidding to counter header bidding rise as an example of the way things can change [almost] overnight.

And here's the Beginner’s Guide To Header Bidding.

Native Ad Spend Will Make Up Nearly 60% of Display Spending in 2018.

Advertising on Pinterest ... Understanding Pinterest: A social media ‘outsider’ or marketing gem?.

Advertising on Facebook ... 5 Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Options Which You May Not Know About.

Google’s Smart Campaigns May Help Small Brick-and-click Retailers.

Although it was in beta testing in the US when the book was published, Facebook Watch has now gone global, and so is another platform for online marketers. However, given the criteria explained in this article, it would seem that for now at least, it is a platform for the major brands.

Four ways that view duration changes digital advertising.

Although Google's AI update lets small brands create search and display ads without an agency refers to 'brands' - I think you could read that as 'small organizations'. Note that as it applies to both, I have included this link in the search and network sections.

Although What’s the Best CTA For Your Facebook Ads? has a focus on Facebook ads, much of its content is relevant to all network ads. Not only does it tell you specifically about Calls To Action and the difference each type can make, it also gives examples of the cost [in this case $5 to $12] and click-through-rates [0.73 to 1.56].

Although A Comparison of Google and Facebook's Ad Auction Platforms is a bit simplistic, this Infographic does help make the subject a little clearer.

I've included Now your Google text ads can show on YouTube search results as another example of digital marketing being an ever-changing landscape.

Google Display ads have evolved: What’s next for display?


7.7 Landing pages

Why retailers should create product landing pages for their shoppable social posts.